Facebook Chat Bot Development

What Is Facebook Chat Bot Development? 

  • Automatic conversations that are taking place with individuals through facebook messenger
  • Chatbots are the technology that allow marketers to engage in automatic conversations at scale with individual customers
  • Facebook chatbot marketing combines elements from many advertising and marketing formats, including phone, email, PPC, direct mail and more.
  • Chatbots are used to both generate new business leads and nurture existing leads through a conversion funnel. And of course to engage with current customers, fans, and clients.

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Facebook Messenger Engagement Rates 10-80x Better Than Email or News Feed Engagement Rates

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Chatbot Engagement Rates

Engagement rates for email marketing have been declining year over year, while engagement rates for chatbots have been increasing dramatically since they’ve launched.
While emails traditionally are long and packed with your side of the story, chatbots work best when they’re formatted in the opposite way. With chatbots you’re doing less talking and more interacting.
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Don’t Ignore Facebook Advertising!

  • 93% of marketers are using Facebook ads regularly. If it wasn’t profitable, brands wouldn’t keep doing it.
  • Images account for 75-90% of the effectiveness of a Facebook ad.
  • 20% of Facebooks’s mobile ad revenue comes from Instagram (same advertising network)
  • Average CPC for Facebook ads are $1.80
  • Average CTR is under 1%
  • We are seeing 50-100% increases in CTR and decreases in CPC in click to messenger ads (and more than that in some cases).

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Who Can Benefit From Facebook Messenger Bots?

  • Ecommerce brands
  • Event registrations
  • Service businesses
  • Lead-gen
  • affiliate marketers
  • Online educators
  • Higher education Healthcare
  • Community management

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